Side by Side Challenge 26 March 2021

Allied Forces Foundation Side by Side Challenge 2021

The objective of these challenges is to reach out to everyone wanting to take part and get involved in simple events which you can do in your home or with a partner locally to you, or virtual challenge a friend or loved one.  The Side by Side Challenge helps with body, mind, and heart which is great for your health and well-being.

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Side by Side challenge 

2 Events (set):

a.  1/4 mile walk, run, bike, or row.

b.  7 (Seven) Super Burpees.

Then go again as many as you can, the goals are:

Bronze      =  1 Set

Silver         =  4 Sets

Gold          =   8 Sets

Platinum  =   16 Sets

Video demonstration from DJ Velky our own physical trainer Here

Please join in and share with community, comrades, friends, and family.