Allied Forces Foundation in collaboration with our partners, sponsor Veteran participation in three major events each year. The ABF Cateran Yomp, Appalachian Yomp and the Marine Corps Marathon. Click on one of the events listed below for more information, or if you want to join us.

We are continually seeking opportunites that provide physical and mental rehabilitation for wounded, ill or injured Veterans.

Activities that inspire collaboration and teamwork within the community are also of interest to AFF. Engagement with local organizations establishes a strong support network for Veterans within their town and helps to further awareness about AFF programs.

We welcome all volunteer initiatives and ideas that can generate support for the Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. Please contact us to discuss working together.


Upcoming Events:

YOMP Your Yard – Virtual YOMP (hike) June 20&21, 2020 Your Location

Marine Corps Marathon – October 25, 2020 Washington, DC

ABF Cateran Yomp – June 5, 2021 Perthshire, Scotland

Appalachian Yomp – September Date TBD 2021