Allied Forces Foundation is unique in many ways: not least in that it is formed as a joint British-American Foundation pledged to recognize and support the Steadfast Alliance, and specifically those wounded – and the families of those wounded – in the conflicts following 9/11.

Our motto is: “May All Our Comrades Be Our Cause”

The mission of the Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. is to raise funds for Allied comrades wounded in recent conflicts and to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges faced by injured soldiers and their families.  The foundation is run by volunteers who gratefully donate their time and services for wounded comrades and their families.

The AFF is committed to improving the Quality of Life of our common wounded and their families in four specific areas:

  • Raising common awareness and funds in support of aiding physical & mental rehabilitation by challenges such as team marathons which provide a focus for recovery and aid the rekindling of pride and well-being
  • Raising common awareness and funds in the facilitation of educational scholarships within the US and UK for children of the severely wounded
  • Raising common awareness and funds in the addressing in-patient & out-patient treatment for PTS and other non-visible wounds
  • Raising awareness, funds and opportunity for vacation to ease the burden of constant care for those who directly support our common wounded

The AFF is incorporated in Virginia but also works actively through representation in New York, the New England Region and most prolifically in Washington DC Metro Area, as well as internationally.

Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Virginia and is registered with the IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. A certificate from the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission authorizes AFF to do business in VA with corporate ID #F205434-6.

Charitable contributions to Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Tax ID: 45-2048658.  Registered Charity #CHR.0055729.