Through Thick and Thin: Focus on Veteran Encouragement and Restoration

Episode 014 of #StillServing: The VFW Podcast, “Through Thick and Thin: Focus on Veteran Encouragement and Restoration”

Camaraderie comes in many forms, from combat deployment to live-fire ranges, or field exercises. To ruck marches to morning PT sessions and back-to-back hour-long death by PowerPoint mandatory annual training. Service members almost always had a battle buddy there soldiering through it together. But, civilian life is much different and for some of us, the loneliness and lack of connectivity with others make even the most mundane aspects of life sometimes hard to bear. That is why there are many on this side of the DD-214 who have dedicated themselves to walking side-by-side with veterans through thick and thin, ready to encourage and help bring restoration to our warrior spirit. We speak with three men who have dedicated themselves to that cause today.

During this episode of the #StillServing podcast, Host Rob Couture speaks with Stuart Taylor, President & CEO of the Allied Forces Foundation who describes the challenging, yet rewarding events his charity puts on for veterans from both sides of the pond. Ken Falke, Founder and Chairman of the Boulder Crest Foundation, talks about his retreat setting in Northern Virginia and how it’s helping veterans and their families cope with past traumas and feel whole again. And extreme sports enthusiasts and veterans advocate Ricky Folse shares his passion for bringing awareness to the plight of homeless veterans by way of a long-distance cycling trip.

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