AFF partner with The Human Baton

The Allied Forces Foundation has joined forces with The Human Baton (THB) to build awareness for our community to be able to take part in some amazing events and activities. The goal of THB is to get like-minded individuals and teams working together and sharing experiences on an amazing new platform. The THB universe is a new form of entertainment and a playground for the modern-day swashbuckler.

Loads of opportunities to take part in THB activities from competitions to weekly challenges of physical and mental tests for all to take part.

Check out the video and look to join in!

Welcome to The Human Baton, a supersport relay race for this generation. It combines Skydiving, Drift Cars, Off-Road Rally, Super Cars, Endurance Horse Racing, and Thundercat Boats into a two-day event where each team gets their Baton across 500 square miles of land, air, and sea. All of this awesomeness available worldwide through traditional live streaming augmented reality and virtual reality!

THB is playful and rough around the edges, just as you would expect from someone who is living a life of great adventure. We want athletes, audiences, and all participants to feel the adventure, whether competing or living vicariously through the action.

Human connections will be formed by engaging with those who are racing, training, competing, and sharing our stories.

We offer a destination – where you can navigate your journey while leveling up your game alongside all of the athletes on our platform. THB invites you to join in and find yourself expanding while contributing, and carving a place for yourself in the THB universe.

“I want to tell you a story.” – Everyone has one. It’s what brought each of us to the present moment and tells the tale of our heroism, courage, perseverance, successes, and setbacks. A story provides hope, inspiration, lessons, and hindsight. Big goals-against larger odds fuel that much greater of a legendary tale. Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story. So will you give up when things get tough? Or push forward, persevere, and become your legend? At The Human Baton, we choose the latter and we cannot wait to show the world what can and will be. #LivingTheAdventure
Before we wrap up March, The Human Baton would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy National Women’s Month! We’ve had so many incredible opportunities to work with so many women racers, partners, and Baton athletes and feel extremely fortunate for each and every one of them. Thank you Valerie Clark and Christy Greene for being such amazing members of the THB family. You are both inspiring figures and we cannot wait to see what the future holds! Happy National Women’s Month!
What an incredible weekend at Fearless MX Park in Stamford, Texas! Three THB teams (IBR.US, Team Endeavor, & Team Resilience) competed. Each team determined to win back whatever seconds they could shave off their overall race time from prior race legs. We at THB were humbled by the hospitality and sheer kindness of all of our new Texas friends and family. Members of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, tons of new racing partners, and even Miss West Texas came by to participate in the fun. No matter what place your team came in, everyone left this weekend a winner. Officially though, we had to crown Team Endeavor as this leg’s champion. Stay tuned for more incredible events as The Human Baton’s Socially Distanced Race Tour continues!