Support AFF this holiday season by purchasing a custom ornament by Sharon West.

Ornaments can be ordered by emailing [email protected]. Ornaments are $16 plus shipping.


“I’m honored to create these special ornaments featuring an American and British Flag artwork along with the AFF motto “side by side.’ It took many hours to create all the hand painted papers and collage them and paint the flags on both sides of them, which I consider a labor of love. I continue to be impressed with the organization’s support of our veterans in the U.S. and abroad, and am humbled by the opportunity to contribute in my own small way. As an Army brat and daughter of a veteran, I feel especially honored to be a part of Allied Forces Foundation’s outstanding approach to recovery.” -Artist Sharon West

I am a huge supporter of charities that help the U.S. military and their families. One favorite organization is Fisher House foundation which supported me and my family during my dad’s long battle with cancer. My dad was the bravest person I know, a career Army test pilot and West Point grad. When he bravely faced painful cancer treatment, Fisher House Foundation provided us “a home away from home” so we could be close to him during that time.

Without Fisher House, it would have been difficult for my mom to be near my dad when he was being treated at Walter Reed Military Hospital. I support Fisher House not only by donating a portion of my sales from my “Patriotic” collection, but also by joining with other local artisans and businesses to collect and deliver donations to our local Fisher House here in the Washington DC area. So, when you purchase from my Patriotic Collection, you are helping military families in need too.‘