The Allied Forces Foundation is the Official Charity of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles. We are grateful to the Supreme Imperial Turtle, Brother Denis P. McGowan, friend and Director of the AFF, for bestowing this honour upon us.

The first NYC gathering of 2016 was held on January 28, and as usual the hat was passed for the AFF and generously filled. All funds raised will go towards Educational Scholarships for the children of Wounded Families.

What or who are the Turtles, you ask?Movie All Is Lost (2013)

Quite simply, the Turtles are a drinking fraternity that exists primarily in the United States of America as a fun-and-honor group usually within the local lodge or post, sort of a side degree. It traces its honorable origins back to the Second World War, on January 12, 1943 in an English pub, when a group of fighter pilots formed a semisecret drinking fraternity among its squadron’s members, and put prospective candidates for membership through a mock initiation.

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