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WildFox Events is all about raising money for exciting charities that help others in the UK and all around the world. We are proud to have raised a staggering £25 million for good causes since 1999. Please send an email to info@wildfoxevents.com if there is a charity that you would like us to consider supporting.

Be creative in your fundraising! Some top tips:

(1) Organise a night out or a fundraising event – run a quiz; organise a football tournament or golf day; host a dinner party, BBQ or wine tasting evening. Use your contacts to secure little or no expenditure.
(2) Organise a raffle. If you can’t find a really exciting prize ask your work to donate a day/week annual leave for raffle.
(3) Pledges: Get your friends and family to sponsor you to be silent/ give up caffeine for a week/ shave or grow a beard – the list is endless!
(4) Sell unwanted Birthday or Christmas presents at an Internet auction, car boot sale or jumble sale or ask for sponsorship instead of gifts.
(5) Organise a sweepstake for the Oscars, Wimbledon, horse racing, or any other major event.
(6) Organise for your kid’s school or work colleagues to pay a pound for a non-uniform day/ jeans to work day.