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Bannockburn 2017

While in Scotland for the 2017 Cateran Yomp, the AFF Team members paid a visit to Bannockburn. The Battle of Bannockburn (Blàr Allt nam Bànag, often mistakenly called Blàr Allt a’ Bhonnaich in Scottish Gaelic) (24 June 1314) was...


On  ANZAC Day, we are paying tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Observed on 25 April each year, the commemoration day was originally to honour the members of the Australian and New...

Phyllis Wilson

Congratulations to AFF team member CW5 Phyllis Wilson/Phyllis Wilson, U.S. Army Reserve, on her induction into the Army Women’s Foundation Hall of Fame. We hope you enjoyed your day and thank you for all of your support!