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19 August, 2018
8:00 am
Denmark Warrior Week, Copenhagen, Denmark

One of Denmark’s premier veterans organizations, Wounded Warriors Denmark, has arranged a small-scale version of Warrior Week in Denmark in late summer: from 19-25 August, 2018.


The ambition was to get about 40 each Danish and US wounded veterans together for a week of fun, military-related activities, but due to a failure of communication, they are presently short of their goal for the US participation.  Might you or any of your contacts be interested in taking part?  The Team back in Denmark and the AFF cannot cover the cost of transportation to Denmark, but everything in Denmark – lodging, transportation, 3 meals a day – is paid for.

The event has attracted a lot of attention from high places, so it should involve the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, a member of the Royal family, and senior Members of Parliament.