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10 June, 2017
6:00 am
The Cateran Yomp, Perthshire, Scotland

The Yomp is the ultimate charity walk.


A primary focus of AFF is to reinvigorate the spirit of comradeship and teamwork that so many wounded, ill and injured (WII) serving and veterans miss when forced to return to a desk job or civilian life. This is achieved through enabling participation in different challenges, both in the US and UK, including the Cateran Yomp in Scotland. These challenges deliver an opportunity for WII to come together with other military and former military who are facing similar experiences. It enhances the US/UK relationship between WII personnel from both nations who fight together on the battlefield and the Yomp provides the chance to share stories and advice as they fight together for recovery.

The Cateran Yomp, in Perthshire, Scotland, is an annual event in which participants take on 22, 36.5 or a challenging 54 miles in just 24 hours across the Scottish Highlands. The 2017 event will take place June 10–11, 2017.

Participants compete in the endurance event in order to renew self-confidence, re-establish self-esteem and provide a focus for recovery and rehabilitation.

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