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Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Connecticut and is registered with the IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Charitable contributions to Allied Forces Foundation, Inc. are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Tax ID: 45-2048658. Connecticut Registered Charity No.: CHR.0055729.

Currently, our most prolific cause is raising common awareness and funds in support of aiding physical & mental rehabilitation by challenges such as team marathons, which provide a focus for recovery and aid the rekindling of pride and well-being.


A primary focus of AFF is to reinvigorate the spirit of comradeship and teamwork that so many wounded, ill and injured (WII) serving and veterans miss when forced to return to a desk job or civilian life. This is achieved through enabling participation in different challenges, both in the US and UK, including the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. and the Cateran Yomp in Scotland. These challenges deliver an opportunity for WII to come together with other military and former military who are facing similar experiences. It enhances the US/UK relationship between WII personnel from both nations who fight together on the battlefield and provides the chance to share stories and advice as they fight together for recovery.

The AFF has facilitated the participation of joint fit and wounded teams from the US, UK and Allied nations, such as Denmark, Georgia and Australia in The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. since 2010. Most of our runners, who  numbered more than 140 in 2015, seek to raise their sponsorship for the common wounded. This should be an inspiration to all.

To date, the AFF has also sponsored runners in the Copenhagen Marathon and seen support from marathon runners in New York and Boston.  The AFF seeks to field another large team in the 2016 MCM in Washington DC.



The Cateran Yomp, in Perthshire, Scotland, is an annual event in which participants take on 22, 36.5 or a challenging 54 miles in just 24 hours across the Scottish Highlands. Participants compete in the endurance event in order to renew self-confidence, re-establish self-esteem and it provides a focus for recovery and rehabilitation.

The AFF wounded, ill, and injured team includes amputees, blind and those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, all sustained in the line of duty. These incredible team members are adapting to the challenges of a changed lifestyle and are now taking on an amazing endeavor, either as a part of their recovery or to reaffirm their capabilities despite their injuries or illnesses. Fellow wounded warriors, veterans and friends, share the exhilarating experience of some of the UK’s most remarkable scenery whilst raising vital funds to continue the AFF mission and support our common cause.

As well as participating in the Yomp itself, the AFF organizes a number of other events during the trip to Scotland, enabling team members to enjoy the other offerings of the area. These events include a tour of Edinburgh Castle, a trip to a whiskey distillery, visit to the Black Watch Regiment Museum, a Scottish Regimental dinner night and the annual wounded warrior Highland games at Loch Tay.

Look out for details of both the 2016 Marine Corps Marathon and 2016 Cateran Yomp in our Upcoming Events:  how you can participate, offer services as a volunteer, or support the events.

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